Foil Stamping
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Foil Stamping

The latest addition to the Fireside stable of equipment is a foil stamping press. Foil stamping is a process in which a metallic or pigmented foil is transferred onto paper using heat and great pressure. The image resulting from foil stamping is extremely opaque and can be shiny, dull or even contain a holographic pattern - like the Visa logo on your credit card.

Foil stamping is the ideal choice when a shiny, metallic gold or silver image is desired. The foil will give the image an almost mirror-like quality. There are other options too. Metallic foils are available in a variety of colors, and they come in colors to choose from.

If the design idea you have in mind is a white image on a dark paper, then foil is the way to go. It is the most economical way to accomplish this, especially for print quantities more than a few dozen.

If foil sounds like what you have in mind send a note via the Contact page, and I'll be glad to assist.

The foil stamping press is also capable of of hot embossing and debossing. Take a look at the foil stamping process in the video below.